Section outline

    • 5 Units to provide the public transport professionals/VET students with introductory materials for proper methods for defusing the escalated conflict and methods on how to overcome the post-conflict stress:

      1. Basic concepts: Introduction to conflict
      2. Conflict styles
      3. Managing conflict
      4. Effective communication strategies

      The module aims to qualify the students to better understand, analyse and sustainably manage environmental conflict situations.

      After completing the course the student should be able to:


      • Understand and analyse conflict at a basic level.

      • Understand fundamental theories and principles for cooperation, competition, negotiation and the causes of conflicts as well as their development and handling.

      • Understand fundamental problem solving theory and conflict styles.

      • Understand a problem solving (win-win) approach as against a competitive (win-lose) approach to negotiation and conflict resolution as well as effective communication strategies.


      • Apply concrete analytical tools and methods to specific real life situations

      • Apply theories and principles to new situations through the characterisation and analysis of the problem situation and the development of suitable models for conflict resolution.

      • Reflect on and use the mutual connection between theory and practice.

      • Reflect upon basic concepts related to the cause, development and management of conflicts (e.g. trust, power and communication).

      • Active listening

      • Formulate and express desired outcomes

      • Identify underlying interests

      • Develop and analyze options .


      • Understand and analyse conflict and transform it into management strategy and action.

      • To assess environmental conflict situations.

      • Facilitate a decision making process.

      • Reflect upon one's own and others behaviour and response in relation to conflict situations, collaboration and decision making.

      • Understand the value of self-monitoring and self-reflection and actually monitor and reflect on one's own performance and impact in conflict situations.

      • Discuss power, conflict management, democracy and decision making processes as well as underlying value questions.


      Are there specific requirements for the participants to take part in this module? Participants should fulfil the below requirements:

      • VET students and employees of the public transportation sector or be trainers working with VET students and employees of the public transportation sector.

      • Interested in obtaining/improving their knowledge, skill and competences in stress management.

      • Have basic digital skills


      Are there specific requirements for the educator to teach this module? Educator should fulfil the below requirements:

      • VET trainer/educator;

      • Providing trainings or interested in starting to provide trainings in the public transportation sector;

      • Interested in enhancing their knowledge and competences in stress management education;

      • Have basic digital skills.

      Facilities and Equipment

      Are there specific requirements for the learning environment to teach this module?
      This module is a combination of online and F2F activities. Therefore, for the online sessions participants will need to have computer access with good connection to the internet. During the F2F activities all materials needed will be provided by the trainer. Learners should only have their mobile phones with them.